Client Testimonials

"Peter was like a "mirror" and he tested me on my ideas and thoughts about managing a challenging change process in my new position. He asked the right questions and on occasions caused me to reflect on my views between our sessions. He asked challenging questions and from his experience as a senior manager, was able to give me good suggestions and food for thought about solving problems."

Mick, Senior Public Service Manager

"I have conducted a 12 week personal coaching course with Peter Coe. My aim was to facilitate my achievement of specific agreed goals and sharpen my time management, all at work. I believe the results were brilliant, because of Peter's insight and patience with me working on my job, home and family relationships."

Paull, Licenced Real Estate Agent, Port Macquarie

"Thanks Peter for being my coach and helping me achieve two of my personal goals which I would have found difficult to do on my own. Although the principles are simple, having a coach to check on me every week did make me want to achieve the goals.

The structured approach also forced me to breakdown a difficult subject into manageable components. In my case, going through the process also changed my attitude towards some of my issues. So thank you Peter for helping me to be better at doing my job."

Cosmas, Project Manager

"Peter was a great coach. He was able to make me face and address those three or four key issues that had been worrying me for some time. By working together, Peter was able to channel me toward identifying my own solutions and strategies to work upon, to address and meet those concerns. As a result, I am now more self confident in my management role and am better equipped to deal with both the day to day and longer term challenges."

Suzette, Public Service Manager